MACALLAN FOLIO “Archival Series”

The MACALLAN distillery has already released three Folio “Archival series” series during the years Folio 1 in 2016, Folio 2 in 2017 and Folio 3 in 2018. The Folio “Archival series” (Folio one in the image) have been some of the most successful limited edition MACALLAN bottlings released the last few years from the distillery.


Prices were set at £195 and the tin boxes including a book and a USB were sold out within hours from arriving at the distillery. The Folio “Archival series” commemorate the MACALLAN advertising campaigns of the 1980s and 1990s.


The whisky is at least 12 years old and 46% volume of alcohol.


The number ever released is 2000 per series.


This is a very highly sought after and collectable MACALLAN limited edition bottling and prices have reached in auctions the £2400 for the Folio one plus commission, shipping etc.


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